Prisons’ agriculture programme thriving despite adverse weather conditions

800 kilogrammes of produce reaped at Mazaruni

The Guyana Prison Service’s (GPS) Grow More programme is thriving. This year cultivation of crops was productive despite the prolonged dry weather which impacted agriculture activities nationwide.

Agriculture is one of the main rehabilitation programmes offered by the Prison Service. Recently, inmates housed at the Mazaruni Prison in Region Seven reaped around 800 kg of vegetables and fruits from the Prison’s farm.

Inmates displayed their produce that was cultivated at the Mazaruni Prison

According to a release from the GPS, close to 650 pounds of Boulanger and a quantity of fruits were harvested, signalling the programme’s continuous success in its rehabilitation efforts.

Director of Prisons, Nicklon Elliot said the agency has embarked on a comprehensive agriculture programme that is providing inmates with the opportunity of becoming skilled in farming and animal husbandry.

“Mr Elliot added that the programme’s strategic goal is to maximise yields through the service’s investment in large-scale farming for the prison industry,” the statement said.

Farming activities are being facilitated at the New Amsterdam, Mazaruni, Lusignan, and Timehri Prisons, allowing hundreds of inmates to gain new skill sets and be prepared for life after release. Chickens, ducks, pigs, sheep, and cows are also being reared at the prison locations. The government through the Ministry of Home Affairs allocated a whopping $5.5 billion to the Prison Service in 2023 and $20 million has been earmarked to support the Grow More Campaign at the various prison facilities.

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