Heroes Highway eases traffic woes, benefitting East Bank commuters

The Heroes Highway, a four-lane artery stretching from Eccles to Great Diamond, is already transforming commute for East Bank and other residents.

The DPI on Tuesday caught up with Neville Lyttle, a motorcyclist who used to spend hours navigating rush hour. Now, on the Heroes Highway, his journey is a breeze.

“Well, it’s very beneficial to us you know. For instance, I just came from Georgetown, it took me like 10 minutes and I’m already at home in Diamond,” he stated.

Lyttle believes as more roads join the network, traffic on the East Bank will dwindle, replicating the calm already being experienced near the Diamond Junction.

Candasi Thomas, a vendor along the road for the past three years, echoed similar sentiments, highlighting the noticeably lighter flow of vehicles.

“I must give my comment that it’s a job well done. I personally am very appreciative because the traffic out here flowing so smoothly now. Everybody is moving in their own direction and getting around in doing their things at a faster pace,”she explained.

For taxi driver Joshua Jones, his job has been easier with faster travel time which has been commended by his passengers.  

DPI also caught up with motorcyclist Ronald Adamson who related, “I am benefitting from it because I’m living in the fourth bridge at Grove. So, I cut back on time, mileage, and gas. When I used to traverse East Bank Road and depending on the flow of traffic, I used to take 30 to 35 minutes, but now you’re looking at some time just over 15 to 20 minutes.”

Businessman Chevon Favorite deems the opening of the highway as appropriate.

“The new road is very good. It leads you straight to town in a good manner. Traffic-wise, it is fluctuating the right way. The road is really helping us a lot and as far as I’m concerned it came at a very appropriate time right now,”he posited.

The Heroes Highway, named after the five fallen soldiers who bravely served Guyana, unfolds in stages. First, the Eccles bypass brought relief in September, and just last week, the journey extended to Great Diamond. Each section symbolises the government’s unwavering commitment to easing the lives of its citizens.

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