Hinterland residents should be more involved in agri, tourism – Min Sukhai

Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai urged residents living in the hinterland regions to get seriously involved in both agriculture and tourism industries which are two of the sectors that the government is working to develop.  

Minister Sukhai was at the time speaking to residents of Aishalton Village in Deep South Rupununi, during her recent visit to Region Nine.

Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai during her recent visit to Region Nine

As it pertains to agriculture, she stated that among the many diverse careers, having a profession in agriculture such as a farmer, should be one of the top priorities for persons who wish not to be enlisted in high-end jobs.

“Agriculture is not painful. It is rewarding and it should be a business. Other countries are adopting agro-business approach to agriculture and that is what young people, especially those in the hinterland should be looking at,” the minister stressed.

The modern shade houses that are being used in the agriculture sector

Minister Sukhai said that President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali has been incorporating several modern agricultural techniques to ensure maximum crops are reaped easily.

One of those techniques, she said, has been the introduction of shade houses.

Positing that this technique has been reaping major success, the minister said that the President’s initiative has caught the eye of the Caribbean countries. Due to this, these countries will also be implementing the said strategy into their agricultural production.

An Indigenous village shop constructed to foster tourism in Region Nine

Additionally, this technique, she noted, will soon become compulsory in all school dormitories so that these institutions can also help to contribute to Guyana’s growing agriculture sector.

“Guyana has the potential to feed the world and His Excellency has recognised that, our government has recognised that. And so, we are moving to be one of the strongest food-producing countries in the world…So, we need you people from the hinterland regions to be a part of this plan. We are setting the foundation for you as well and we are creating the environment for that agricultural development,” the Amerindian Affairs minister explained.

Moreover, speaking about tourism, she stated that the government has been working extensively on expanding tourism, especially eco-tourism and other nature-based tourism in the hinterland regions.

“There are a number of tourism packages that you can look to develop now such as agro-tourism, sporting and fishing tourism among others. The initiative of implementing nature tourism is applicable to our young people and our villages within the hinterland,” Minister Sukhai stated.

She urged the residents in the far-stretched regions to take advantage of Guyana’s forest and the Amerindian people to seriously divulge into their culture so that it could be promoted.

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