400 Guyanese awarded gov’t scholarships in 2023 – Min Parag

In 2023, around 400 Guyanese were provided the opportunity to pursue tertiary education through scholarships awarded by the Ministry of Public Service, with more than 50 per cent of those beneficiaries being women, especially single mothers.

It is within the ministry’s mandate to provide Guyanese with an opportunity to accomplish tertiary education, especially to meet the demand in the public service.

Former Minister of Public Service, Sonia Parag

Speaking at the ministry’s year-end press conference on Friday, Former Public Service Minister, Sonia Parag noted that five persons living with disabilities were also provided with this opportunity.

“We ensure that we granted them scholarship in a way in which they would be able to have jobs when they’re finished. The Ministry of Public Service revamped its training division to accommodate persons with disabilities such as putting in ramps and all of that. We created a smart-classroom where we can train persons in a very modern way,” she highlighted.

Fifteen persons in Region One were awarded government scholarships while 34 were awarded to persons in Region Two and 56 persons residing in Region Three received a government scholarship in 2023.

Additionally, 142 Guyanese from Region Four received scholarships, 23 from Region Five, 42 from Region Six and 19 from Region Seven.

Minister Parag explained that more than one person from Region Eight received a scholarship while two persons from Region Nine and 20 persons from Region 10 were granted the opportunity to pursue a tertiary education. Guyanese were also provided the opportunity to study in Cuba, Russia and China.

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