$56B expended solely on miscellaneous roads in 2023 – Min Edghill

Improving community roads in and around Guyana is part of the government’s overall vision of enhancing connectivity and promoting economic development.

As such, the government through the Ministry of Public Works has expended some $56 billion in upgrading community roads through its miscellaneous and urban road projects.

A miscellaneous road done last year

Public Works Minister, Bishop Juan Edghill said “This shows the growth” of the ministry, emphasising its success.

“Miscellaneous roads are larger than the entire ministry budget in 2019. While the entire budget as of 2019 was $38 billion, this year miscellaneous roads alone was $56 Billion,” the minister said.

He made the revelation during the ministry’s end-of-year press conference Friday last.

So far, the ministry has rehabilitated 349.3 kilometres of road.

Of this amount, 798 were executed in rigid pavement concrete while 483 were rehabilitated in flexible pavement.

Flexible pavement consists of a surface layer of asphalt concrete, several lower layers of appropriate quality aggregate, and the subgrade beneath. The layers enable the pavement to “bend”, reducing damage and the need for repairs over time.

Additionally, the ministry upgraded 9.9 kilometres of urban roads. Some 58 were completed in rigid pavement concrete while eight were done in flexible pavement.

The minister highlighted that a total of 359.2 kilometres of roads were completed which saw 854 roads being upgraded to rigid pavement concrete and 491 to flexible pavement roads.

Meanwhile, the minister reiterated the government’s commitment of actively rehabilitating deplorable community roads for improved accessibility for all Guyanese. It also forms part of the PPP/C Administration’s 2020 to 2025 manifesto commitment of enhancing infrastructure throughout the country.

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