Construction commences for new Charity Market

Construction for the new and modern Charity Market along the Essequibo Coast, Region Two has commenced.

The contract for the major project was awarded to Builders Hardware and General Supplies through the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development in December last.

Debris being cleared away from the site

The company will rebuild the market at a cost of $286 million. The government secured funding for the project when the ministry sought additional support from parliament.

Speaking with the Department of Public Information (DPI) during a telephone interview Friday last, Regional Executive Officer (REO), Susanah Saywack confirmed that the construction process has begun.

‘The work has commenced on the market area. The contractor has started to clear and dismantle encumbrances and old structures so that they can start the major work in an efficient manner,” the REO stated.

She, however, noted that this is just the first phase of the rebuilding process.

Meanwhile, Regional Chairman, Vilma DeSilva, also told DPI that the market will be more modern and standardised.

She said, “It’s a steel structure we will be constructing. We will be lifting the flooring 18 inches to avoid flooding. So, with that, some casting will be done there as well. Additionally, the contractors will be placing the roof on and designing internal stalls.”

A mini excavator removing the burnt wood from the construction area

According to DeSilva, when the construction is completed, the Charity Urasara Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) will then decide on the placement of vendors within the new facility.

The structure is expected to span 152 feet by 164 feet. It will also be equipped with the necessary firefighting equipment to minimise the cause of future hazardous incidents.

As the construction phase is ongoing the government has since temporarily relocated the vendors right within the Charity area so that they can still earn their daily income.

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