Small firefighting vehicles to be placed at NDCs countrywide – President Ali announces

President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali on Thursday revealed the government’s intention to strengthen firefighting capabilities at the community level by acquiring small fire-fighting vehicles for deployment in Neighbourhood Democratic Councils (NDCs) nationwide.

During an outreach event in Mocha, East Bank Demerara, President Ali stated “in this budget, we are working on purchasing a number of small fire fighting vehicles with full capability. So, in every NDC, we can put them.”

President Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali

President Ali emphasised that this initiative will be complemented by the establishment of a local firefighting volunteer brigade will be trained.

Additionally, he said the government will be working on implementing fire hydrants in communities and building out the infrastructure of the Guyana Fire Service.

Meanwhile, on Monday, President Ali said that although the government is dissatisfied with the value of investments in the GFS, efforts will continue to enhance its capacity. He stated that projects and initiatives planned for the GPF include education for the population, schools, and the private sector, and capacity building at the level of the NDCs.

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