Budget 2024 is ‘very disciplined’ – Minister Rodrigues

Minister within the Ministry of Housing and Water, Susan Rodrigues said on Tuesday that the $1.146 trillion National Budget for 2024 is ‘very disciplined.’

“In spite of the increase in the budget, I still believe that the budget is very disciplined,” she said on a televised interview on Tuesday.

Minister within the Ministry of Housing and Water, Susan Rodrigues

She added, “Disciplined in the sense that these are capital expenditure, its not on the recurrent side, so all of these projects that we are investing in right now, will contribute to the overall improvement and the standard of living of every singles Guyanese.”

Minister Rodrigues highlighted the continuity of host of measures implemented in the past four budgets, emphasising the need to fund those existing initiatives while accommodating additional ones to be implemented. These efforts have significantly influenced the increase in the budget.

The minister also pointed out that the budget serves as a testament to the unwavering commitment of the PPP/C Government, as outlined in its manifesto.

“Commitment to those transformational multiyear projects…ensuring that the gas to energy project to its finality so that Guyanese from all walks of life can benefit from a 50 per cent reduction in electricity cost.

“Another thing that is associated with a PPP/C Budget is predictability, predictability in the sense that we do not waver as a part, as a government. We made our commitment crystal clear; we have a social contract with the people of Guyana,” the minister stated.

Addressing the over $100 billion allocations for housing and water, Minister Rodrigues expressed satisfaction with the budgetary allocations, emphasising the substantial increase of about $28 billion from the previous year.

This allocation will fund major infrastructure projects to meet housing demands, and enhance water quality and improve supply systems nationwide.

In the area of housing, she said the government will continue its house lot allocation exercise targeting 10,000 house lots this year.

Infrastructure development works will also advance in several areas including Amelia’s Ward, Balthyock, Burma, Charity, De-Endragt, De Kinderen, Golden Grove, Good Hope, Great Diamond, Hope, La Bonne Intention, Leonora, Le Ressouvenir, Lethem, No. 75 and 76 Villages, Palmyra, Peter’s Hall, Shieldstown and Stewartville

Similarly, in the water sector a number of projects will be executed to meet the government’s target of 100 percent coverage and treated water.

Five water treatment plants are expected to be constructed at Adventure, Bath, Leguan, Maria’s Delight, and Wakenaam, adding to the seven currently under construction.

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