Mahaica to get better drainage, roads, and other interventions

His Excellency, President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali on Wednesday announced various infrastructural interventions that is in the pipeline for Mahaica, Region Four.

During a community engagement in the community of Supply, residents raised various concerns relating to drainage and irrigation (D&I) works, incomplete playground, cleaning of an over 800-rod canal, need for agricultural inputs and equipment, and road infrastructure, among others.

His Excellency, President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali

The government, Dr Ali stressed, is working on a plan to enhance every community to bring prosperity, open up opportunities, and create avenues in which all Guyanese will enjoy a better quality of life and a greater degree of participation in the economy.

“The aim of these community engagements and these community outreaches that we are planning are intended to bring the services of government to you…Closer to the communities and the people, so that together we can have and build greater partnerships. We can have better interventions from the agencies themselves and we can resolve some of the challenge,” he emphasised.

With the construction of roads that were incomplete in the region, President Ali committed to send a team to conduct a thorough assessment of the roads before Sunday.

When the inspection is completed, based on the findings the engineers would be dealt with accordingly.

Farmers also requested for an all-weather road that will lead to the 2,000 acres of land.

In response, the head of state noted that before the end of the week a road assessment will be done, and the best course of action will be decided upon to improve the road to benefit rice and cash crop farmers.

Additionally, the primary school will benefit from the construction of a tarmac, and basketball and tennis courts.

Within the first quarter of this year, the playground will be completed.

The Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) and the Ministry of Public Works will work together to clean up the Mahaica Market area and turn it into a functional public space, allowing people to use it for a variety of activities.

“These three roads… [and] the community centre at Mahaica, I am going to ensure that this is placed in the programme to be done. This year we will work on getting this completed,” the president stated.

Notably, the black giant chicken programme will also be introduced to the community, while three excavators will be made available to Mahaica for the execution of various works.

Meanwhile, a team from the Guyana Online Academy of Learning (GOAL) scholarships programme will be visiting the area for interested persons to sign up.

President Ali highlighted that his administration has fulfilled almost all of its commitments made in its 2020 manifesto.

Residents also commended the government for the road infrastructure and other developments.

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