$300M to be spent on electrical grid in Region One

Some $300 million was approved to expand Region One’s electrical grid as the government moves forward to provide adequate access to electricity, especially in the hinterland.

The money was approved on Thursday by the Committee of Supply in the National Assembly after lengthy deliberations.

Answering the question posed by the Opposition, Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Sonia Parag said the government’s interest is in providing electricity for everyone not one section of society.

Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Sonia Parag along with officials from the ministry and Region One

“The increase is due to the expansion of electrical grids in Rincon, Mora, and Moruca. An establishment of electrical grids in Yarakita, Parakese, Warapoka, Kamwata, and Kewbana. These are to provide a generation of power for various communities across the region,” the minister explained.

She noted that for the first time in the country, the electrical grids in the region will be largely expanded.

The minister added, that due to the difference in the population size in some communities, the sum aggregated will differ as well.

Roads to be constructed and rehabilitated in the region

“For the Mabaruma Power Station, we have over $3 million, we have the Wauna Power Station which is over $14 million…Parakese and Manwarin is over $4 million, Waramuri is over $3 million, Warapoka over $4 million, Kamwata over $5 million and the Arakaka Power Station is $9 million,” the local government minister recounted.

Additionally, the power stations at White Water and Yarakita will each cost $3.9M.

Meanwhile, a separate sum of $68M was approved for the maintenance of roads in the region.

Replying to the opposition about what roads will be maintained, Minister Parag said, “So, starting with Mabaruma we have Hobo Hill to Silver Hill, that’s gravel surface road to the airstrip junction, we have the Khans to Thomas Hill, Hosororo Falls Road, backstreet from the volleyball court to the guest house among others.”

The minister noted that the government aims to rehabilitate and even construct new roads in almost all the villages in the various sub-districts of Region One.

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