Augsburg Primary School to get new $34M building

as House approves over $3.5B to advance education delivery in Reg. 5

Students of Augsburg Primary School, in Region Five (Mahaica Berbice), are set to benefit from the construction of a new school to the tune of $34 million.

The announcement was made by Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Sonia Parag, during the consideration of estimates and expenditure on Thursday evening.

Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Sonia Parag and other officials from the Ministry in the Committee of Supply during the consideration of the estimates on Thursday

“Residents in the area and surrounding areas of Augsburg will be happy to know that it is our number one priority at $34 million, for the construction of that primary school,” Minister Parag relayed to the House.

The new school will be a one-level building measuring 30.5 meters by 7.3 meters. It replaces a previous school that was deemed unfit for use and forced students to relocate to a temporary facility.

Minister Parag explained, “A school was offered to the students and it was refused… The children were then housed in another building that was close to the area. [The] government has been trying at its utmost best to ensure that the students still have a structure so that they can continue education.”

The sum of $3.5 billion in the current expenditure will go towards the enhancement of education delivery in the region.

Some $109 million was approved for capital expenditure for the provision of schools and educational facilities.

When asked to provide a disaggregation of the maintenance of buildings to the tune of $85 million, Minister Parag said, “We are committed to maintaining our schools whether it be nursery, primary or secondary. And so, as we allocate sums in a budget to be able to go through a developmental phase, we want to be able to ensure that our schools are maintained regularly.”

These works will be executed on nursery schools at Liberty Hall, Moraikobai, Mora Point, Bath Nursery, Hopetown, Bush Lot, Carlton Hall Nursery and Primary, Seafield, De Hoop Nursery, Shieldstown, Leitchfield, Airy Hall, West End, Blairmont, Woodley Park, Cotton Tree, Cotton Nursery, and No 5, among others.

Primary schools will be maintained in Latchmansingh, Bath, Rosignol, Moraikobai, No 29, Hopetown, Stratcampbell, Blairmont, District No 10, Cotton Tree, Mahaicony, De Hoop, Mortice, Leitchfield, Calcutta, and Gordon table, amongst others.

Additionally, secondary schools will be maintained at Bush Lot, Fort Wellington, Belladrum, Novar, Rosignol, No 8, Bygeval and Hopetown, among others.

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