Several farm-to-market access dams, bridges to be maintained

-As $387.4M approved to advance agricultural works in Region Five

With the allocation of $387.4 million approved by the National Assembly for the advancement of the agriculture sector in Region Five, maintenance works on critical access dams and bridges in several communities are set to commence.

Responding to questions from the Opposition during the scrutiny of estimates and expenditure for Budget 2024 on Thursday evening, Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Sonia Parag underscored that numerous farming communities are poised to benefit from these undertakings.

Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Sonia Parag and other officials from the Ministry in the Committee of Supply during the consideration of the estimates on Thursday

Of the $387.4 million allocated, $12 million in repairs and revetment works will be executed in areas including Eddie Singh Street benefitting over 200 residents.  

The main economic activities in the area include the cultivation of cash crops, rice and cattle rearing, hence the need for these critical works.

Mulchand Street will also benefit from revetment works, benefitting over 100 students, farmers and other residents.  Cash crops, sugar cultivation and cattle rearing are among the economic activities there.

A budget of $64 million has been earmarked for road maintenance across several communities. This allocation will cover the maintenance of sections of Wash Clothes main access road, directly benefiting over 450 residents.

Sluices door that will be rehabilitated

Maintenance will also be undertaken at farm-to-market access dams and other critical works at Champagne, Burma, Hyde Park, Cotton Tree, Britannia and Golden Fleece, benefiting over 5, 900 residents.

Further, maintenance works will be executed on sections of the line-top at Huntley to benefit 60 households, while a section of Zari Dam will be maintained benefiting 150 residents. The sideline at No. 9 Village will undergo maintenance works to benefit 125 residents.

Meanwhile, $18.7 million was approved to maintain bridges in several areas. Minister Parag explained that over 150 households will benefit from general repairs to a timber bridge at Good Faith, Mahaicony.

Repairs will also be done on the heavy-duty bridge at Ranch Dam in Perth, and maintenance works will be carried out on bridges at No. 8 village and Huntley community.   

“For the continuation of the Mahaicony Branch Road which is 1,000 metres by 4.27 metres… That is from Green Mill to Water Dog Creek. And then, you have the construction of the farm-to-market road along De Hoop Branch Road which would be 106 metres by 3.05 metres,” she informed the House.

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