Region Six health facilities to be rehabilitated

as $150 M approved by National Assembly

The Committee of Supply on Thursday approved a total of $150 million for the rehabilitation of several health facilities in Region Six.

Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Sonia Parag who defended the ministry’s 2024 spending in the National Assembly, said that this money will help to improve the livelihood of patients.

Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Sonia Parag along with officials from the ministry

“So, we have the New Amsterdam Hospital and that is $20 million and that will cater for about 250,000 patients across Regions Five and Six to access better health care facilities in a clean and tidy environment,” the minister stated.

Some $10 million will also go towards rehabilitating a deteriorated sanitary block at the Skeldon Hospital. This project is expected to benefit 15,000 patients.

At the Port Mourant Hospital, $15 million will be spent on renovations. This includes repair to the roof, carpentry, plumbing, electrical wiring, painting of the walls and tiling of the floors, refurbishing of the laboratory, and the procurement of medical supplies among others. This will see about 25,000 patients being exposed to a better environment upon their visit.

Meanwhile, the Mibicuri Hospital at Black Bush Polder will undergo similar renovation works. This will be done for $15 million and will cater for some 10,000 patients within the village.

“You have the National Psychiatric Hospital and we are doing repairs there with the roof, the walls. We are tiling and looking after the electrical wiring and the sanitary systems…and these are called preventative maintenance,” Minister Parag explained to the house.

Additionally, the minister said that work will be done on seven doctors’ living quarters in Region Six at a total cost of over $18 million.

One million dollars has been set aside for the rehabilitation of the Mibicuri Health Centre, while the Skeldon Health Centre will see $2 million being spent to restore it. This improvement will benefit 4,000 persons in total, including health workers and patients who live in the area.

Another $2 million will also be going to the New Amsterdam Health Centre and will improve the health environment for about 15,000 patients.

Other facilities that will be rehabilitated include the Evesham Health Centre, the Lan-Live-Man Health Centre at Liverpool, Angoy’s Avenue Health Centre, Bushlot Health Centre, Port Mourant Health Centre and the Williamsburg Health Centre among others.

The Port Mourant Health Centre and the Williamsburg Health Centre will both cost $8 million, the others will each cost $1 million for its rehabilitation.

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