President Ali urges private sector to prepare for 2024 energy conference

The 2024 Energy Conference and Supply Chain Expo is slated to be held from February 19 to 22, 2024, and the local private sector is being called upon to grasp the boundless opportunities the conference will offer.

Speaking on a recent programme ‘Energy Perspectives’ on Saturday, President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali said the conference has positioned investors and the local private sector to play an active role in the networking process.

President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali

He urged that they capitalise on the momentum Guyana has gained in the international markets, and utilise every available platform to promote and develop their business.

This is even more crucial in the lead-up to the highly anticipated energy conference.

“The local private sector has to be more assertive. I think that with the scale of investors and investment that is coming in, we have to be ready with proposals. We have to do the investment,” he said.

The head of state encouraged local companies to complete preliminary work, such as feasibility studies so that they are optimally prepared for incoming investment.

“I think the local private sector must pay a lot of attention in doing the groundwork so that they are ready for any opportunity coming. Things like writing up a company profile, or investing in the PR mechanism to develop your company profile so that you can have matchmaking, [and] networking with sophisticated investors. These are key things that they must use this time leading up to the energy conference to develop,” the president pointed out.

According to President Ali, the conference’s organisers can also play a role in facilitating the networking process.

“They can provide a group of professionals that is available to the private sector at a cost, and the private sector can go to this local group that can help them in this regard because you want them to be prepared so that when the investors come, they are in a position of readiness,” he stated.

The 2024 Energy Conference and Supply Chain Expo will see participation from more than 21 countries, with close to 200 exhibitors, and 30 sponsors this year.

It provides the platform for the local private sector to engage and connect with international companies and entities to forge partnerships that will bring greater benefits to Guyana.

The government has, since assuming office, been keen on creating opportunities and fostering an enabling environment for Guyanese businesses.

The conference will be held under the theme: Fuelling transformation and Modernisation.

President, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali, is expected to be a keynote speaker, along with Prime Minister, Brigadier (Ret’d) Mark Phillips, Vice President, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo, Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, Dr Keith Rowley, and Prime Minister Commonwealth of The Bahamas, Philip Davis.

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