Three-month junior officers’ course begins

The Guyana Police Force (GPF) achieved a significant milestone on Monday as it inaugurated the Junior Officers’ Course for its local officers as well as its Caribbean counterparts.

The course will last for three months and will be offered at the force’s academy.

Participants include Assistant Superintendents from GPF and Guyana Defence Force ranks as well as security officers from various Caribbean countries.

Commissioner of Police (Ag), Clifton Hicken

Law enforcement personnel attached to the Guyana Revenue Authority, Environmental Protection Agency, City Constabulary, Guyana Prison Service, and Guyana Geology and Mines Commission are also participating in the course offered.

Commissioner of Police (Ag), Clifton Hicken and Deputy Commissioner ‘Administrative’, Calvin Brutus addressed the first cohort of trainees ahead of the course’s official commencement, urging trainees to equip themselves with the necessary skills and knowledge.

“As the future leaders of the Guyana Police Force and the organisations represented, you play an essential role in upholding our unshakable dedication to integrity, professionalism, and academic excellence. Accept this adventure with excitement, devotion, and a thirst for education, and you will stand out as the forerunners of justice and public safety,” the top cop expressed.

Meanwhile, Deputy Commissioner Brutus highlighted that the training is not only designed to benefit law enforcement officers.

Deputy Commissioner ‘Administrative’, Calvin Brutus

“It is just not for us but for the communities that we serve,” he emphasised.

Officers will undergo training guided by a comprehensive curriculum developed by local and international partners that encompasses theoretical and practical exercises and interactive classroom sessions designed to equip them with relevant skills, knowledge, and mindset to excel in their profession.

It will also have hands-on skills in leadership abilities, effective communication, critical thinking, ethical conduct, knowledge of organisational policies, team management skills and other aspects.

Participants will be housed at the police academy, where thorough attention has been given to restoring the barrack rooms to create a comfortable and conducive environment for their training.

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