Region Three is slated for massive development – Min. Mustapha

Residents and farmers of Region Three were informed that the region is slated for massive development in the various sectors as a result of this year’s trillion-dollar budget.

This assurance was provided on Wednesday by Minister of Agriculture, Zulfikar Mustapha, at several farmers’ meetings in Best/Klein Pouderoyen, La Jalousie, and surrounding communities in West Coast Demerara.

Minister of Agriculture Zulfikar Mustapha addressing the residents of Region Three

Minister Mustapha stressed, “And you in Region Three, here, are slated for massive development not only in the health sector, or the education sector but economic transformation… I am talking about the transformation that has already been taking place in terms of modernising your region.”

Region Three, specifically, will benefit from the construction of a state-of-the-art hospital, educational facilities, the new Demerara Harbour Bridge, and the Schonoord to Crane four-lane highway, among others.

Minister Mustapha explained that when the gas-to-shore energy project comes onstream, it will be tremendous since the electricity rates will drop by 50 per cent.

He started, “You will have more reliable electricity and other costs that we experience…The price of cooking gas will drop tremendously. And then, we are looking to build a fertiliser plant… We already have a lot of development taking place in the oil and gas sector right here in Region Three. You have the artificial island that was built recently.”

Residents of Region Three listening to plans for the Agriculture sector in the region

Given the scope of all the developmental transformations across the country, Guyanese are set to benefit from many long-term opportunities.

“The opportunities are vast and tremendous. Where we are trying to build an economy for 2030 and beyond. We are modernising the infrastructure. Make more benefit to the people of our country…All the regions in this country we are developing. We are bringing more benefits to the people of our country. They are earning more,” added Minister Mustapha.

Added to that, there are increases in the education cash grant, old age pension, public assistance, and income tax threshold this year.

He also cited the part-time job initiative where many single parents and women are earning $40,000 per month.

While underlining the achievements of the agriculture sector, he indicated that farmers will benefit from increased access to farmlands to increase fields, the $850 million fertiliser programme, farming inputs and machinery.

Within three years, he highlighted that the government has delivered on most of its 2020 manifesto’s commitments including scholarships, potable water, house lots and employment opportunities.

The objective of these meetings is to consult the residents at the grassroots level to further improve their livelihoods.

Various issues were highlighted while requests were made for breeding stock, irrigation water for rice farmers, drainage and irrigation works, and black giant chickens.

Director General of the ministry, Madanlall Ramraj, Regional Vice Chairman, Omesh Satyanand and other officials were also in attendance.

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