Timehri’s female inmates benefitted from training in tilapia rearing

Female inmates at the Timehri Prison in Region Four recently participated in a one-day practical training session on tilapia rearing and aquaculture.

The initiative was facilitated by the prison, in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture’s Fisheries Department, and sought to introduce another source of food for the general prison population.

Female inmates being trained on how to rear tilapia

According to the Guyana Prison Service (GPS), the training session is the first to be held at the prison, focusing on essential aspects of tilapia rearing, including feeding and angling techniques.

Spearheaded by the Satyadeo Sawh Aquaculture Station, the initiative serves as a pilot project of the prison’s training module.

The success of the initiative was evident as it yielded a notable output of 36 pounds of red tilapias on Tuesday.

Director of Prisons (ag), Nicklon Elliot noted that the project further demonstrates the Prison Service’s effort to aid prisoners’ development.

Moreover, the Officer-in-charge of the Timehri Prison, Assistant Superintendent of Prisons Michelle Boyce, said the initiative widens the scope of programmes available to inmates.

This programme is one facet of the Prison Service’s rehabilitation and training programmes, which are geared toward facilitating a smooth transition into society, equipped with skillsets to earn a livable income.

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