GDF to be reoriented through National Defence Strategy

President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali has expressed plans to reorganise and reorient the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) through a robust National Defence Strategy to build a more resilient, adaptable, and agile force.

Using the analogy of a tree to present his point, the head of state depicted a framework rooted in the well-being and security of all citizens and respect for national sovereignty.

President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali

He was at the time addressing the Annual Officers’ Conference at Base Camp Ayanganna on Thursday.

In light of the increased threats to national sovereignty perpetuated by Venezuela late last year, President Ali stressed the importance of boosting the GDF’s capabilities and presenting a more refined structure.

Consistent with this aim, the president announced that the designation of Chief of Staff will be changed to ‘Chief of Defence.’

“In keeping with the regional and international structure, we will move towards the designation of ‘Chief of Defence.’ This year’s conference will see the final use of the designation ‘Chief of Staff’,” he said.

The defence strategy will zoom in on several key areas, including investments in technology, strategic partnerships, and training to meet the demands of the changing environment.

“[We are] reorganising our work for functional efficiency. Whether it is the Coast Guard, Air Corps…Over the next couple of weeks, a lot of attention will be placed on how we reorganise our work, how we reorient the structures to meet the demands that the new environment will now necessitate,” the president added.

Through the implementation of this plan, the government hopes to craft a more adaptive and agile force, that is capable of ensuring peaceful conflict resolution and promoting regional stability.

In this year’s budget, the Guyana Defence Force has received a whopping $42.2 billion to fortify its capabilities.

This allocation will provide for investments in both material and human resources.

“Our commitment lies not in outspending others, but in strategic resource allocation that maximises our defence capabilities while maintaining fiscal responsibility. Our focus is on cultivating a force that leverages technological advancements, and prioritises deterrence over a military buildup. By investing in modernising our defence infrastructure and equipping our personnel with cutting edge technology, we aim to create a force that is not only better prepared to address evolving security threats, but is also more effective in dealing with potential aggressors,” the commander-in-chief emphasised.

This year’s conference is held under the theme: Transforming to better confront present and future challenges by enhancing awareness, adaptability, and agility capabilities.

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