Guyana remains committed to peace, national sovereignty – President Ali

In light of Venezuela’s threats to national security late last year, stemming from the ongoing border controversy, President, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali has reminded that Guyana is committed to maintaining a zone of peace.

Added to this, the government will increase its investment in boosting the capacity of the Guyana Defence Force, to ensure that the country can defend its territory.

The commander-in-chief made these remarks at the opening of the annual officers’ conference at Base Camp Ayanganna on Thursday.

He said that the surveillance of the country’s territory extends into its exclusive economic zone.

“The surveillance, not only of our borders, but our investment is to have the complete eye of everything that belongs to Guyana, including our exclusive economic zone. That is what these investments are geared towards- giving us a comprehensive and total understanding of everything that occurs within our borders,” he said.

In December of last year, in Argyle, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Guyana and Venezuela signed the Argyle Declaration, solidifying a commitment to maintaining a zone of peace, following a historic meeting.

Among other commitments, the declaration affirmed that Guyana and Venezuela will not threaten or use force against one another in any circumstances, including those consequential to any existing controversies between the two States. The two countries also agreed that any controversies between the two States would be resolved by international law.

On Thursday, President Ali said that Guyana remains committed to upholding the principles outlined in this declaration.

“As a responsible member of the international community, Guyana upholds the values enshrined in the declaration, striving to resolve disputes peacefully in accordance with international law. Guyana is committed to the principle of non-aggression, but we remain vigilant and militant in the face of all and any threats,” he affirmed.

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