‘Trust your government, we have your best interest at heart’ – Minister Edghill tells West Bank residents

During community meetings with residents of La Retraite, Stanleytown, and Belle Vue, West Bank Demerara, Wednesday afternoon, Minister of Public Works, Hon. Bishop Juan Edghill explained that the measures in this year’s $1.146 trillion national budget were placed strategically to increase disposable income.

Minister Edghill reminded residents of the income tax threshold being increased to $100,000 monthly, the old age pension increasing to $36,000 to benefit some 76,000 persons countrywide, and the monthly public assistance payment being increased to $19,000 to benefit vulnerable persons.  

Minister Edghill said these measures are in keeping with the PPP/C Government’s commitment to ensuring prosperity for all Guyanese.

“We are a people-centered and people-oriented government,” he told the residents.

Among the other measures announced during the budget are a $3,000 voucher for eye tests for school children and pensioners, and a $15,000 voucher for spectacles for those who may require it.  

The minister also reminded the residents that in keeping with the government’s vow of empowering women, a special provision of an $8,000 voucher has been set aside for women aged 21 to 65 to get tested for cervical cancer.

The minimum National Insurance Scheme (NIS) pension has also been increased from $35,000 monthly to $43,075, while the survivor’s pension, which is payable to the dependents of an insured person, increased from $17,500 to $21,537.  

There is also an invalidity pension for insured persons who may be incapable of working due to an employment injury. This has been raised from $35,000 to $43,075.

The minister highlighted several other measures in the budget, explaining that while the opposition has been trying to paint a negative image to citizens, the government remains steadfast in its quest to create a society that is free, prosperous, socially just, globally competitive and one which serves every Guyanese equitably.

“Every Guyanese must have a chance for a good education, access good paying jobs, be able to raise and provide for a family and own their own homes,” the public works minister stated.

Minister Edghill added, “If you followed the budget, you would also know that we reduced freight charges, given additional support to small businesses by lowering interest rates, as well as removed the duty and value-added tax (VAT) on sports equipment, technology, and fire extinguishers. The government has also given more support to University of Guyana graduates.”

Meanwhile, in his sector, Minister Edghill happily reported that since coming into office in August 2020, his ministry has rehabilitated over four thousand two hundred community roads. He said this programme will continue in keeping with the administration’s national buildout plan.

Minister Edghill urged residents not to be distracted by false claims by anyone, instead, he urged persons to examine for themselves, reach out to their Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDCs), and ask questions.

He said the government is there to serve and is working towards delivering greater prosperity, and enhancing the livelihoods of citizens.

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