‘Budget 2024 has something for every one’ – Min. Edghill tells Region Three residents

Residents of Tuschen and Meten-Meer-Zorg, Region Three were on Friday enlightened about the many benefits and measures provided through the historical $1.146 Trillion national budget.

The engagements were spearheaded by Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill and other officials from the ministry.

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill addressing residents at a meeting in Meten-Meer-Zorg, Region Three

“The PPP/C  is doing things that will benefit the people, that will improve your lives. And once your lives are improved, you will recognize that… You have a government that understands people and you have a government whose heart is in the right place and that is to look after the interests of the people in the country,” he said.

He told residents that members of the government are not armchair generals as he compared this administration to the previous one.

Residents during the community engagement at Meten-Meer-Zorg, Region Three

“We came from among the people and we remain connected with the people. The People Progressive Party has not changed,” according to the minister.

 Minister Edghill then underscored that “Budget 2024 got something inside for every single person” as he highlighted a few noteworthy initiatives, measures and programmes coined in the budget.

One such measure is the increase in old age pension and public assistance. The minister reiterated the Vice President Bharrat Jagdeo’s commitment of a further increase, which will see old age pensioners receiving $41,000 in 2025.

“All the pensioners you don’t have to worry. So you know that we have made the commitment to you that we will double your pension in our first round of office. We took over at 20,300, $41,000 is more than double,” he said.

Residents during the community engagement in Tuschen, Region Three

The minister also noted that every person who has a disability will automatically receive Public Assistance until they are age to receive pension.

Another programme is the GOAL Scholarship which has provided more than 21,000 Scholarships to citizens within three years.

The minister noted “this is our fourth year and we’ve now said that every person who wants to study we will pay for it. That is what your government is doing for you.”

Additionally, the public works minister revealed that the PPP/C government will be bringing in gas to power 300 Megawatts of electricity at Whales with the aim of cutting Guyanese electricity bill in half.

It will also contribute to reduced market prices and the commencement of manufacturing, among others.

Among the other measures announced during the budget are a $3,000 voucher for eye tests for school children and pensioners, and a $15,000 voucher for spectacles for those who may require it.  

While highlighting several other measures in the budget, the minister explained that the opposition has been trying to paint a negative image to citizens but the government will remains steadfast in its quest to create a society that is free, prosperous, socially just, globally competitive and one which serves every Guyanese equitably.

Meanwhile, Minister Edghill urged residents not to be distracted by false claims being made by individuals.

 Instead, he urged persons to examine for themselves, reach out to their Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDCs), and ask questions.

He also reported that members of the government will continue to  collectively engage citizens countrywide to garner a greater understanding of what’s happening on the ground, offer guidance as it relates to the budget and address concerns to  provide relief to Guyanese.

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