GRA could get new building to improve operations

To further enhance efficiency, the government is exploring the option of constructing a new headquarters for the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA).

According to Vice President, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo, this effort is more likely to be facilitated in 2025.

Dr Jagdeo was at the time responding to questions posed by media operatives at a press conference at Office of the President on Thursday last.

He recognised the critical role that GRA plays, and added that based on the country’s development trajectory, a new building for more streamlined and organised services may be necessary.

The senior government official recalled that GRA was previously located at Lamaha Street, before settling at Camp Street, and pointed out that the agency has fared better than others in maintaining its facilities.

“At that time, Camp Street building was a powerful new building. Now it’s based on the new standards that’s being developed. So, eventually they would have to get a new building for GRA,” the VP explained.

He highlighted several potential locations for the new building, saying, “Most likely the buildings would be along either the corridor going from Georgetown to Eccles, the new road, or on the new highway, the new highway that’s going from Ogle to the bridge. But the government has land there so once they decide on the project, it will go on one of these places.”

Critical improvements are already underway across government offices, bringing upgraded infrastructure and improved operations.

The 2024 budget has allocated funds for the construction of high-rise complexes to consolidate government ministries and agencies for improved accessibility and efficacy.

This complex will feature four towers, 12 stories high with the capacity to accommodate 6,000 staff and other amenities.

The Ministry of Public Works will be the first to benefit from this new space, as the ministry is operating out of several offices due to lack of space.

In 2023, 25 government buildings were repaired, while two were renovated.

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