361 residents of Kamana, Sand Hill benefitting from $84M water supply systems

Approximately 361 residents from Kamana and Sand Hill in Region Eight, now have improved access to potable water, following the commissioning of two water supply systems totalling $84 million in the communities.

The $48 million system in Kamana will serve about 232 residents, while the $36 million system in Sand Hill will provide first-time access to 129 people.  

Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal while engaging residents in Region Eight

Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal officially commissioned the facilities on Sunday.

The scope of the project in Kamana included a 120-metre-deep potable water well, 3,000 metres of 50 millimetres (2″) PVC pipes, and 1,000 metres of 19-millimetre (3/4″) PVC pipes with 50 services connections.

A concrete slab was also built, and storage tanks were installed along with a photovoltaic pumping system, and a perimeter fence.

Meanwhile, the project at Sand Hill comprises a concrete intake pumping chamber at a stream source, 800 metres of 50-millimetre (2″) PVC pipes, and 400 metres of 19-millimetre (3/4″) PVC pipes with 20 service connections.

Commissioning of the water supply system in Sand Hill, Region Eight

A concrete slab and storage tanks were also installed powered by a solar pumping system.

Minister Croal emphasised that these projects are integral to the government’s mission to achieve 100 per cent potable water coverage in the hinterland by 2025.

Furthermore, Minister Croal highlighted the significant benefits that the region will receive from various developmental projects outlined in this year’s $1.146 trillion national budget.

In line with this commitment, an allocation of $1.5 billion has been earmarked to improve access to potable water in the hinterland regions. Among these initiatives, the completion of two new wells in Mahdia and Campbelltown in Region Eight is anticipated.

R. Kissoon Contracting Services constructed the systems in both communities.

Persons residing in Kamana will receive training on system maintenance to ensure the sustainability of the water supply system.

Residents also took the opportunity to highlight issues within their respective communities.

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