All commitment made by government will be delivered – Min. Hamilton affirms

Minister of Labour, Joseph Hamilton on Monday reaffirmed government’s position of delivering on every commitment made to citizens.

He was at the time delivering remarks to residents of as part of government’s nationwide community engagement geared at informing citizens of the many benefits of budget 2024 while addressing any concerns they might have.

Minister of Labour Joseph Hamilton during the community engagement on Monday

“All the commitments this PPP/C government make to you we will deliver them all. And we are far in advance in our way going there,” he emphasised.

The minister said that despite the oppositions efforts to stymie progress the People’s Progressive Party will continue to strategy develop the nation and its people.

The historical $1.146T budget was crafted with this in mind, resulting in the conceptualisation of a series of transformative measures, policies and initiatives.

One such initiative is the construction of the New Demerara River Bridge. The minister underscored that the bridge will serve its intended purpose of significantly reducing travel time and traffic congestion.

“So, people who said you can’t eat road they don’t understand that when that bridge is finished you don’t have to get up 4:30 to get to work, you could get up anytime you want get up and drive over that bridge and get to work,” the minister noted.

Additionally, the minister reiterated the President’s commitment of making University Education free by 2025.

Minister Hamilton revealed that the government has already began making moves to deal with outstanding University loans of citizens.

This effort will benefit thousands of Guyanese as well as add to many free human resource development programmes currently available.  

Region Three residents at the community engagement on Friday

“So holistically whether it is education, health, whether it is development or infrastructure the government is paying attention to the development of all Guyanese people regardless,” the minister stated.

Meanwhile, the minister brought attention to the state of art hospital being constructed in the region. As well as the major strides undertaken in the health which resulted in the setting up of MRI and CT Scan.

The minister also revealed that the government in addressing security issues all streets will have street lights by 2025.

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