Two more tourism tours launched in Rupununi, Region Nine

The Tourism Sector continues to expand with the launching of two new experiential tours in the Rupununi, Region Nine.

The Guyana Tourism Authority led by Kamrul Baksh, Rupununi Adventures, Tara’s Choices & Tours, and Bushcow Eco Trails on Monday launched the new products at the Cashew Grove Park at Lethem, Region Nine.

GTA Director of Kamrul Baksh, Product Development Manager Candace Phillips, Product Development Officer Clyde Edwards, and Regional Chairman Brian Allicock pose with the tour operators

Rupununi Adventures and Tara’s Choices & Tours have collaborated for the ‘Explore Lethem’ tour which promises an immersive journey. The tour also features guided tours to Matapee Falls, paddle boarding, and kayaking experiences at Manari Creek and the town of Lethem.

Meanwhile, the ‘Indigenous Exploration: Kanuku & Rupununi Trekking and River Adventure’ tour launched by Bushcow Eco Trails, will take guests on an adventure deep into the heart of Guyana’s rich indigenous heritage with an unforgettable blend of nature and culture amidst the awe-inspiring Kanuku Mountains.

Local tour operators on a tour of Lethem

While delivering the feature remarks at the launching ceremony, Director of the Guyana Tourism Authority Kamrul Baksh commended the operators for their efforts in creating products that appeal to tourists.

He noted that one such example of an outstanding tour operators was Guy Fredericks of Bush Cow Eco Trails.

“He launched earlier, and as he mentioned, the guests wanted something more. They wanted not only a hiking experience exclusively but they wanted that jungle plus river. So, he recognized and then retrofitted the tour to cater for the market, and that’s exemplary because it’s responding to the needs of the market which is demand-based, and that approach, you can’t lose,” Baksh noted.

Tour Operators on a familiarisation trip, take part in paddle boarding and kayaking activity in the Manari Creek as part of the Explore Lethem Tour

He also commended the proprietors of Rupununi Adventures, Tara’s Choices & Tours for their collaboration, noting that it is timely, especially in the context of the Rupununi Rodeo which is coming up.

“I like that experience because it draws on the main elements of the Lethem district and just on the periphery and packaging that in a day experience. A lot of people are interested in doing that first flight in from Ogle, spending just a few hours and then flying back out,” he said.  

The gathering at the launch of the two new tourism products

Baksh said too that he “think for the very first time in this industry’s history, we are seeing such scale of tours being developed, persons going out and doing assessments and putting itineraries together in such a short time,” he stated while highlighting that over the last four years, there were 50 new tours developed in Guyana.

He noted that a lot is being done through partnerships and the momentum must be kept.

“We just want to continue to work on raising the standards within this industry and encourage each of you to enroll in the HSSE programme. So, the Guyana Tourism Authority is working closely with the Centre for Local Business Development in having you guys complete your HSSE training and manual which will go a long way into ensuring that the safety standards for your respective tours are on par,” he stated.

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