Development in La Parfaite Harmonie will continue – Min. Indar

The Parfaite Harmonie Housing Scheme in Region Three will continue to experience major transformation, as the government has injected millions to develop roads, schools, and infrastructures for the benefit of the people.

During an outreach on Monday, Regional Vice Chairman, Omesh Satyanand spoke about the many achievements that the government has accomplished over the past three years and those that are in the pipeline.

“When Minister [Deodat] Indar came last year another 45 [roads] were earmarked and the contracts were then signed right in this community to ensure that we continue the work that we started,” the vice chair said.

He emphasised that actions had been taken to renovate a building neglected by the opposition, which had fallen into disrepair.

Thanks to this initiative, the building now accommodates more than 100 grade six students comfortably, alleviating congestion in the primary school.

Lights, among other amenities, have since been installed and a recreational area was established to bring relaxation to families.

“We are also going to place a pump station in the area to ensure that when the koker is closed and when water settles in this community or any other community, we can pump the water out as soon as possible,” Satyanand lamented.

He pointed out that in 2021 several pensioners from the scheme also had their houses repaired through the Regional Democratic Council’s (RDC) housing department.

“Some of your repairs would’ve been $150,000 to $300,000 and even $450,000. So, we ensure that we look out for the needs of our pensioners,” Satyanand stated.

With the many interventions that have been implemented by the government, the vice chair called for further collaboration between residents of the housing scheme and the government.

He stressed that once there is a good partnership then development will move at a faster pace for the community.

“As your family gets bigger, we are making the necessary adjustments to provide for you in this community. So, the bond should never be broken between the people of this community and the government,” the regional leader posited.

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