Education sector’s budgetary allocation grew by 162 per cent over the years – GS Jagdeo

General Secretary of the Peoples progressive Party Civic (PPP/C), Dr Bharrat Jagdeo, highlighted that Guyana’s education sector budgetary allocation grew by a mammoth 162 per cent from 2020 to present.  

The government remains fully committed towards the growth of the education sector which is seen in the strategic investments and policies executed over the years.   

General Secretary of the Peoples progressive Party Civic, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo

He made the remarks during his weekly Press Conference at Freedom House.

In 2020, the budgetary allocation was $51.4 billion while $135.2 billion was allocated to advance the education sector, this year. 

This represents a $83.5 billion increase from 2020 to 2024.

“That is a 162 per cent increase in the years that this government has been in office. Where in the world can you find that in four years that a budget for a sector has grown by 162 per cent? So, we are spending more on almost every single area from training of teachers…Massive sums are going into training to building up the infrastructure. We are building new schools… better classrooms,” he stated.

Over $2.5 billion has been set aside to purchase 502,072 more textbooks in 2024.

In Region One, alone, approximately $5 billion is being expended on to construct three schools, which is more than the entire capital allocation during APNU/AFC’s five years in government. 

Construction works have advanced on Hosororo Secondary, Karasabai Secondary and North West Secondary Schools in Region One.

This will help to transform the lives of the children in these areas.

Massive investments are being plugged into the sector towards the construction and rehabilitation of educational facilities nationwide. Several schools are currently under construction slated to be completed this year, while new schools will be constructed this year.

Speaking directly about wages and salaries in the education sector, Dr Jagdeo noted that it was $24.4 billion in 2020, while it grew to $39.4 billion in 2023.

This, he explained, represents a $15 billion increase in wages and salaries for teachers, which is a 61.4 per cent increase in allocation for wages and salaries for them. 

“Outside of the salary benefit for teachers, we have dedicated large sums of money to address non-salary benefits. These are in the budget…That represents a commitment to our country and teachers…” the general secretary asserted.

In November 2023, all graduate teachers with a bachelor’s degree will now get a $10,000 monthly stipend which adds up to $120,000 yearly. This adds to their salaries and other benefits. Master’s degree holders will get a monthly stipend of $20,000, or $240,000 yearly. Additionally, a monthly payment of $30,000, or $360,000 yearly, will be provided to people who hold a doctorate.

All Senior Masters/ Mistresses or above, within three years of retirement who did not benefit from duty-free before, were declared as now being entitled to a duty-free allowance for a motorcar up to 1500 CC

These are, in addition to salary, uniform allowance, training under the Guyana Online Academy of Learning (GOAL) programme, and scholarships to go to the University of Guyana.

Dr Jagdeo also reemphasised that the education sector is not suffering from a lack of resources and commitments.

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