Over 120 Charity families benefit from major developmental works

More than 120 families residing in the regularised area in Charity, Region Two now have better access to roads, a new bridge, electricity, and water.

This is following several commitments made by President, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali during a meeting held back in November 2022.

Minister within the Ministry of Housing and Water, Susan Rodrigues

The first land titles were distributed to the residents by the president. Subsequently, infrastructural works commenced to enhance the community’s aesthetics and the residents’ standard of living.

The works included the construction of a 40-foot-long concrete bridge linking Charity to an adjoining community, 2.5 kilometres of concrete roads between the two communities, and the installation of electricity and water services.

Minister Rodrigues and team during the walkabout in the area

During a walkabout in the community on Tuesday, the Minister within the Ministry of Housing and Water, Susan Rodrigues, who expressed satisfaction with the overall transformation of the area, stated that $160 million was allocated to the area.

We see the progress. This area does not look like it originated as a squatting area. We see that the concrete roads have been completed. We have concrete bridges in the area,” she emphasised.

Minister Rodrigues reaffirmed the government’s commitment towards community development, “That, to me, is the story that we aim for when we do these infrastructure works. we want the infrastructure spending to translate into inter-personal development. That is what we want. That is our desire for all the communities across our country through our infrastructure programme.”

One of the completed roads in Charity

Meanwhile, individual lives have been transformed since the residents are now comfortable.

One such beneficiary is the owner and teacher of Young Scholars Academy, Hellen Thompson who expressed her happiness due to the improvements in the community.

She noted, “…Big transformation. So, the president made a very big impact. This is great for everybody because access to the road is good. You can drive and come home to your gate. At first… you had to go through a little track. But now, they can drive straight.”

Minister Rodrigues interacting with Hellen Thompson

After receiving her titled document, Thompson was able to acquire a loan from the bank to make improvements to her property.

Thompson further explained, “For me, this is a big help to my school because the parents can drive straight to drop off or pick up [their children], without problems. We are very grateful for that.”

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