Region Six infrastructural development to bolster citizens’ lives

The government, through the Ministry of Public Works, has revealed a series of plans for road upgrades and improved sea and river defences that will bolster infrastructure and enhance the lives of citizens in Region Six.

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill on Wednesday met with scores of residents during several community engagements along the Corentyne coast, where he outlined many ongoing and feature projects undertaken by the government. 

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill

Addressing one of the major challenges residents faced, the minister highlighted that the maintenance of the thoroughfares from Palmyra to Moleson Creek continues to be a priority.

The deteriorating condition of the road has prompted the government’s decision to completely overhaul the thoroughfare. This will see the expansion of the road into four lanes.

Minister Edghill listens to the concern of a resident during a community meeting on Wednesday

Construction works have already commenced with a focus on widening and enhancing 99 structures, bridges, and culverts along the route.

“This will bring about significant improvement to the people in this area. So, you would’ve had your community roads addressed, you would’ve had your main access road addressed you would’ve had your sea defences addressed,” he stated.

Residents met with Minister Edghill on Wednesday

Residents in the region can also expect massive infrastructural development catering to more agricultural access, with new farm-to-market roads being constructed in many villages.  

The government aims to open up additional farmlands, facilitating economic growth and job creation in the food sector.

“We have in our budget the sum of $200 million set aside to open other lands. So, we can be able to get those lands between El Dorado and Orealla, some 40,000 acres we [would] start getting access to,” the minister stated.

Residents met with Minister Edghill on Wednesday

Meanwhile, the public works minister noted that since the PPP/C Government returned to office in 2020, over 4,200 community roads have been rehabilitated—a significant achievement benefiting thousands of citizens.

“Over the last three years we have been able to keep our sea and river defence at a level that the farmers didn’t have to suffer,” he underscored, during his engagement at Alness.

These initiatives underscore the government’s dedication to fostering sustainable development and creating opportunities for prosperity in the region.

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