PM optimistic about victory as OPM launches mash band

Prime Minister, Brigadier Mark Phillips is optimistic about his office winning this year’s Mashramani competition as the various ministries gear up to hit the road to display their achievements in the most cultural way possible.

During the ministry’s band launch on Friday in the office’s compound, the Prime Minister encouraged everyone to stand in unity and get on board with the Republic Day celebrations.

Prime Minister, Brigadier Mark Phillips speaking at the mash band launch

“Come mash day we will have the best costume and again we will win. All of us will be there and we will be keeping with the theme ‘Celebrating our peoples and our prosperity. So, we are celebrating our six people and now we have something more to celebrate, not poverty but prosperity,” the Prime Minister stated.

Moreover, the costumes which are dripped in gold, blue, and silver were crafted by local designer Olympia Small-Sonoram under the theme ‘luminous electrifying Guyana through sustainable energy.’

Some of the female and male revellers showcasing the outfit

In keeping with this year’s celebrations, the female revellers will be showcasing an electrifying costume that represents solar power as a demand for the supply of electricity with the development of new housing schemes and the expansion of businesses.

Additionally, this costume will depict the government’s commitment and aggression to maintaining the electrical demand in the country at the most limited cost possible with reliable electricity.

One of the female revellers dancing as she showcases the outfit

Meanwhile, the male revellers will be depicting Guyana’s future of renewed electricity with their headdresses which will signify a new power system in the country. Overall, the government views renewable energy as a potential solution, and as such it is working to reduce the cost of power for every Guyanese through its hydropower measures.

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