Region One receives $6.7 billion to accelerate transformation – Regional Chairman

Regional Chairman, Brentnol Ashley highlighted that Region One received some $6.7 billion to further accelerate additional transformative projects this year, aimed at enhancing its development across various sectors from infrastructure to health care.

He was at the time speaking at the flag-raising ceremony in observance of Guyana’s 54th Republic Anniversary at Mabaruma Settlement Ground on Thursday night.

Regional Chairman of Region One, Brentnol Ashley

Every single day, he highlighted, new projects are being implemented to empower many households economically from Baramita to Matthews Ridge, from Port Kaituma to Santa Rose and from Yarikita to Barima/Kariabo.  

“Our government would have provided for the development and transformation of this beautiful region of ours, just $6.7 billion…Of which the health sector accounts for three-plus billion dollars which will see more developmental projects and programmes be accelerated… Everywhere you turn, you will see development unfolding… Evidence of unlimited development is apparent,” Ashley pointed out.  

Commissioning of the upgraded health centre in Wallaba

These include the construction of a new hospital at Santa Rose and the upgrading of several health institutions into health centres.

Over the last year, Ashley also disclosed that the region made history with the establishment of two health centres in the cottage hospitals at Baramita and Kariako along the Barama River.

The region has already placed the requisite human resources to provide primary, sufficient and effective healthcare services to the people of all the communities.

Construction of a house

The region has already placed the necessary human resources to provide primary, adequate, and efficient healthcare services to all the communities.

The regional chairman noted that a medic is permanently stationed at Kariako’s health centre, while several other villages will also receive additional healthcare practitioners in the coming days.

Ongoing works on Hosororo Secondary School

Residents residing in the villages of Koko and Wallaba in the Moruca sub-district now have better access to healthcare services, following the official reopening of the upgraded health facilities in the communities, this month. 

“We understand the constraints that our people face within our communities, especially for the delivery of healthcare. And we do understand the challenges that they are faced by every day… We will leave no stone unturned as a region to ensure that services reach our people,” Ashley affirmed.

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