Guyana, Suriname fostering business relationships with launch of new Chamber of Commerce

Guyana and Suriname continue to foster a robust business relationship, as the SurinameGuyana Chamber of Commerce (SGCC) was officially launched in Georgetown on Saturday evening.

The chamber will see the two countries harnessing each other’s potential in the business realm, by promoting investment opportunities and ensuring seamless collaborations.

Senior Minister in the Office of the President with responsibility for Finance and Public Service, Dr Ashni Singh

Speaking at the launch at the Pegasus Hotel and Corporate Suites, Senior Minister in the Office of the President with responsibility for Finance and Public Service, Dr Ashni Singh, noted that the initiative is due to the solid foundation existing between the two countries.

“The business and economic relationship between Guyana and Suriname is a truly long-standing relationship. And it is one that long predates our respective independence from the Netherlands in Suriname’s case and the United Kingdom in Guyana’s case…And so, we really are obviously, logically, and naturally economic partners,” the senior minister stated.

He added that the economic partnership between the two countries stretches far beyond the establishment of the chamber, but rather, through the exportation and importation of goods and services between the countries other over the past years.

President of Suriname, Chandrikapersaud Santokhi said for the initiative to be successful, both governments and their private sectors must be willing to work together and have an extreme understanding of the business world.

President of Suriname, Chandrikapersaud Santokhi at the launching of the SurinameGuyana Chamber of Commerce in Georgetown on Saturday evening

“Now, we have to take this level of interest, investment, and trade to the next level. And the most fortunate situation in this process is that you have two presidents on both sides as brothers supporting this process. There are great opportunities for intensive and increased collaborations between the business communities of Suriname and Guyana,” President Santokhi posited.

Meanwhile, Guyana’s Foreign Secretary, Robert Persaud stressed that the government will continue to pursue programmes and policies that will enhance good neighbourliness.

“Guyana and Suriname share that overarching goal of bettering the conditions of its people and ensuring that we implement initiatives that will bring about greater prosperity for both of our economies,” Persaud expressed.

He added that the chamber came at a time when other countries are also partnering with Guyana to build sustainable wealth for its citizens.

Additionally, SGCC’s Chairman, Vishnu Doerga noted that the chamber looks forward to serving the business community in both countries.

Some of the areas of focus include enhancing the capability of the workforce, fostering educational partnerships, and connecting the talent pool in both countries.

The SGCC will not only serve as a medium for business but information gathering and guidance seeking.

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