Bids open for over $10B in infrastructural works

Residents in various communities across the country will soon see vast infrastructural development unfolding, as the government takes a proactive approach to rehabilitating public and main access roads, bridges, and hinterland roads.

The Ministry of Public Works is inviting bids for works totalling approximately $10.2 billion in several coastal and hinterland regions.

For public and main access roads, an estimated total of $4.1 billion is expected to see works done at Yakusari and Lesbeholden, Black Bush Polder, Region Six; Aubrey Barker Road (phases one and two) in Region Four; Burma and Mahaicony Branch Road in Region Five, and Lima Sands in Region Two.

Farmers in Regions Five, Six, and Four will see improved access to markets due to upgraded farm access roads worth $580 million.

In Regions Two, Three, Four, and Six, bridges will be rehabilitated in areas such as Herstelling, Foulis, Richmond, and New Amsterdam, estimated to cost a total of $813 million.

These massive infrastructural upgrades continue with over $4.7 billion being directed towards upgrading hinterland roads in Regions One, Seven, Eight, Nine, and Ten.  

In Region One, work will be done from Mabaruma to Hosororo Hill and Kwebanna to Kumaka. Works will also be done in Port Kaituma, Matthew’s Ridge, and Rincon, among other areas.

Region Seven will see the startup of projects in Bartica, and Blue Mountain, to name a few.

Works will also be done in Mango Landing, Princeville, and Salbora Road, in Region Eight, in addition to several other areas.

Meanwhile, in Region Nine, communities in the Rupununi areas and Deep South will also see roadworks, while similar undertakings are slated for communities in Region Ten, at an estimated cost of $689 million.

These upgrades will make a world of difference for residents, allowing them to travel more easily, access essential services, and connect with opportunities for economic growth.

Bids for this project will be opened on Thursday, March 7, 2024, at the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB) office.

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