‘Arya Takes a Swim’ Launch: EMC and First Lady Arya Ali Celebrate Guyana’s First Children’s Book on Turtle Tagging

On February 29, 2024, Environmental Management Consultants Inc. (EMC) unveiled ‘Arya Takes a Swim,’ a ground-breaking children’s book, at the Marriott Hotel in Georgetown. The event, celebrated with notable figures and enthusiastic attendees, marked a significant step in promoting marine conservation education among Guyana’s youth.

‘Arya Takes a Swim’ draws from the Turtle Telemetry Program that took place in May and June 2023 at Shell Beach. The book aims to ignite passion and awareness among children, encouraging them to explore and protect the marine environment. 

The launch brought together speakers from key partner organisations who shared their insights and praised the initiative. 

Sharifa Razack, Deputy Director of the Environmental Protection Agency, highlighted the collective effort behind the book: “Partnership and collaboration are key as we strive for high environmental literacy in a society that is versed in and passionate about environmental conservation. This requires the collective effort of the government and private sector, non-governmental organisations and communities.”

Jason Fraser, the Commissioner of the Protected Areas Commission, emphasised the importance of safeguarding sea turtle habitats, noting, “The Protected Areas Commission is dedicated to the stewardship of places like Shell Beach, where turtles like Arya nest and hatch. By protecting these special habitats, we safeguard the future of marine creatures and instil in young minds the value of preserving our natural world.”

Shyam Nokta, Managing Director of EMC, reflected on the book’s role in educating the youth: “Through the Turtle Telemetry Program, we gain invaluable insights into the lives of marine turtles, which is crucial for their conservation. Documenting these findings in unique and engaging ways, like in ‘Arya Takes a Swim,’ helps to capture our imagination, showcase the beauty and importance of marine life, and inspire the younger generation to safeguard these important creatures and their habitats.”

Alistair Routledge, President of ExxonMobil Guyana Limited, underscored the corporate commitment to environmental education, stating, “The turtle telemetry project is just one example of the investments ExxonMobil Guyana is making in environmental sustainability and biodiversity conservation programs. By collaborating on initiatives like this, we can all make a meaningful difference in preserving our environment and protecting precious species like turtles,” he said. “We applaud EMC, First Lady Arya Ali and everyone involved in making this inspiring and educational book possible.”

‘Arya Takes a Swim’ is a heartfelt tribute to Mrs Arya Ali, the First Lady of Guyana, in recognition of her unwavering commitment to environmental conservation. The central character, a green turtle, was named in her honour. 

The First Lady expressed her delight and endorsement for the initiative, stating, “It is an honour to have ‘Arya Takes a Swim’ named after me, but a bigger honour to be involved in an important project like this that raises awareness of sea turtle conservation. Educating the youth on environmental issues is important and telling stories like Arya’s is the key to engaging them. The more we understand the environment in which we live, the more we develop a love for it, and the more we feel compelled to protect it.”

“Arya Takes a Swim” is a special book, not only because of its unique story but also because it is the first children’s book to focus on turtle tagging in Guyana. It sets a new precedent in literature, aiming to increase awareness among the youth about the importance of sea turtles and the conservation of Shell Beach.

‘Arya Takes a Swim’ will feature prominently in the upcoming World Turtle Day celebrations, and other key events, further emphasising its role in conservation awareness.

EMC extends its gratitude to all the speakers, attendees, and supporters who contributed to the success of the launch. Special thanks are extended to the Turtle Conservancy, Protected Areas Commission, Environmental Protection Agency, ExxonMobil Guyana Limited, and all partners and collaborators for their support and dedication to marine conservation.

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