Northern Brazil is important growth pole to Guyana’s prosperity – Jagdeo

Guyana, one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, is looking to Northern Brazil as a vital growth pole for the country’s continued development and prosperity.

To this end, President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali advanced extensive bilateral discussions with Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva on many fronts, including food, energy and climate security, as well as enhanced interconnectivity between the two nations.

During a press conference on Thursday, Peoples Progressive Party’s (PPP) General Secretary Dr Bharrat Jagdeo, also Vice President, expounded further on the window of opportunities that will avail themselves from this partnership.

“Why do you think this road is critical? Because Northern Brazil is an important growth pole for Guyana, a big market off nearly three million people for our produce,” he articulated, referring to the development of an all-weather road linking Linden to Lethem.

It is currently under construction by Brazilian contractor – Construtura Quieroz Galvao SA. As part of this project, over 40 concrete bridges to withstand heavy-laden trucks, are also being constructed.

This road will eventually link Lethem to Bom Fim in Northern Brazil, thereby opening up transportation and logistics opportunities for Guyana and the Caribbean region at large.

“That’s thinking about that growth pool, a growth pool associated with more movement of grains from Brazil, more movements of inputs into Brazil through this road and possibly a port. A lot more business and also generation of high-paying jobs and income for people,” Dr Jagdeo noted.

Brazil is also a crucial partner in bolstering Guyana’s food security with agro-processing high on the agenda.  For context, the country’s cattle industry cannot sustain a sustainable regional market and Brazil can play a part in advancing this industry.

The general secretary opined, “If we have a sustained attempt to slaughter cows and export them, we can’t last a month for the demand if we slaughter all of our cows … so, the food hub that we are working with to bring Brazil is upgrading. Maybe the airport, through a private initiative at Lethem, has cold storage facilities there, process meat and other vegetables and all the things there that don’t come directly into our market to compete with our people.”

Dr Jagdeo also mentioned that Guyana can aid in developing an energy corridor with Brazil, utilizing its petroleum resources.

“If we can generate from our gas development, more electricity to sell to Brazil, then that’s the value-added because we will generate more money from selling electricity,” the general secretary explained.

In conclusion, Dr Jagdeo stressed the importance of creating more growth poles for wealth creation to sustain and accelerate the country’s transformation. He emphasised that the country must think beyond relying solely on oil and gas and explore other sectors to leave something better for future generations.

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