Region Two farmers receive tools, livestock to bolster agriculture production

In a proactive move to bolster agriculture food systems along the Essequibo Coast, Region Two farmers receive a range of agriculture tools and livestock.

These implements include water pumps and sprinklers, knapsack prayers, tillers, shade house materials, mist blowers, pigs, breeding bull, sheep, and black giant chickens.

(fourth from left): Director General of the Ministry, Madanlall Ramraj

The distribution of the much-needed agriculture inputs forms part of a commitment made by Minister of Agriculture, Zulfikar Mustapha, during several recent engagements with the farmers along the Essequibo Coast.

During these meetings, various issues were highlighted and the farmers were enlightened about the interventions they are bound to benefit from as a result of this year’s trillion-dollar budget.

Director General of the Ministry, Madanlall Ramraj, who facilitated the handing over of the inputs on Friday, was accompanied by Regional Vice Chairman of Region Two and other staff of the ministry.

Farmers expressed gratitude to the government for the timely distribution of the farming inputs and continued support, aimed at transforming the overall landscape of the region.

Additionally, Minister Mustapha promised to provide a tractor to cash crop farmers to prepare their lands in the Essequibo Coast, which has already been procured. The delivery is slated to take place in two weeks.

Distribution of agri. implements in Region Two

Farmers, there, will soon benefit from a portion of the 7,000 Brazilian green Dwarf coconuts to expand their production capacity.

The agriculture minister will also inaugurate the Basic Needs Trust Fund (BNTF) edifice for Agro processing.

Communities that will benefit from these initiatives include Queenstown, Mashabo, Anna Regina, Dartmouth, Siriki and New Road.

The government’s determination to strengthen the agricultural sector and guarantee farmers in Region Two sustainable growth and prosperity is emphasised by this strategic intervention.

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