Sophia residents receive chicken to boost poultry rearing

Six families residing in C-Field Sophia have received assistance through the distribution of 75 broiler chicken each, aimed at supporting their livelihoods by engaging in poultry rearing.

Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce, Oneidge Walrond facilitated the handing-over ceremony at the Sophia Community Centre, Monday afternoon.

Minister Walrond addresses the beneficiaries and their families

Shelly Hytmiah is one of the beneficiaries who spoke to the Department of Public Information (DPI) and expressed appreciation for the support.  

“I feel so good to know that at least I get something. It’s a nice gesture, I have my grandkids here they love to rear chicks. I want to say thanks to everyone who made this possible and we are going to put our best foot forward,” Hytmiah noted.

Beneficiary, Shelly Hytmiah

Another beneficiary said, “I feel good receiving these chickens. It would be wonderful for every household and to give them a start in life.”

Single parent, Clavreen Jackson said he has been waiting for this opportunity to boost his operation.

“I feel great, I feel blessed to know that I was granted such a privilege to mind a large amount of poultry…I’m a single parent and I’m grateful and I give thanks to the government for what it provided for us and I will try my best to make it expand,” she stated.

Beneficiary, Clavreen Jackson

Speaking with the recipients, Minister Walrond noted that the distribution initiative, though small, is very significant and shows clearly that the government is responding to the needs of residents, especially when requests are being made.

“It’s really a way to empower our women, give you an additional source of income, give you the financial independence that you need once it’s handled correctly,” she stated.

The six families who benefitted from the chicken distribution

She noted that her ministry will provide follow-up support with help from the Guyana Livestock Development Authority (GLDA).

“While we have the GLDA to help us with the rearing knowledge, we are going to help you, because this thing is a business, we want for you after this first tranche to be able to make money. Monetise it to be able to buy another 75 more chicks and be able to grow from thereon,” Minister Walrond noted.

The minister also stressed that real empowerment comes from managing businesses and many persons have become successful from poultry rearing.

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