$12M water supply system in Dagg Point for April completion

Approximately 400 residents of Dagg Point, Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni) will soon benefit from a supply of potable water, as a $12 million water supply system is almost completed there.   

While the well has been successfully drilled, other works are being undertaken on the system including the installation of a new photovoltaic (PV) system, a panel rack frame, solar panels, pump, well master, new storage tanks on the existing metal trestle, and interconnection to the pipe network.

Minister Croal and other officials interacting with residents in Dagg Point

Along with constructing a perimeter fence, 1,000 metres of 19mm and 3,000 metres of 50mm PVC pipes with 60 service connections will be installed.

During a recent outreach in the region, Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal reminded the residents that Region Seven is not exempted from the government’s investments.

Additionally, $535 million has been invested within three years in the water sector there.

“This year, we have another $345 million budgeted for the hinterland [water sector],” Minister Croal emphasised.

To date, $2.4 billion will be injected by the end of 2024 to provide 100 per cent access and a 24/7 supply of water for Bartica while persons in the hinterland will have 90 per cent access.

A total of $54.95 million has been budgeted to provide the community of Imbaimadai, in Region Seven, with a water supply, while Six Miles will benefit from the construction of a $400 million water treatment plant.

In 2023, 31 new wells were drilled benefiting about 8,000 residents, in several areas including Capoey, Kaikan and Wauna.

Guyana’s water supply and quality have improved over the years with the injection of large investments.
The sum of $16.8 billion was spent in 2023 in the water sector, and $22.5 billion was allocated for additional developments in 2024.

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