174 Region Six residents certified with technical skills through BIT

One hundred and seventy-four individuals of Region Six who have successfully completed several programmes through the Board of Industrial Training (BIT) are now proficient in diverse disciplines.   

The graduates are now certified in Motor Vehicle Servicing and Repairs, Heavy-Duty Equipment Operation, Welding and Fabrication, Electrical Installation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Repairs, Furniture making, and Hydraulic.

During Friday’s graduation ceremony at Outback Adventures, Minister of Labour, Joseph Hamilton emphasised the need for discipline in achieving success.  

Minister Hamilton then pointed out that the graduates must diversify their talents in order to be successful moving forward.

“You must use your craft and training to develop yourself in all respect, more so financially. Important to that, the board of industrial training allow for people who graduated in one programme to do another programme if they so desire…You have to have more than one skill. You have to be prepared that in the event one door closes, you can walk into another,” the labour minister said.

He highlighted that BIT expended over $31 million towards the execution of the training programmes in the region.

Guyana is making significant investments in skill training programmes countrywide due to the government’s recognition of the need for more skilled labour.

Meanwhile, BIT’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Richard Maughn, extended congratulations specifically to the women who have not only done exceptionally well in their training programmes but also paving the way for other women to pursue possibilities in traditionally male-dominated areas.

“In this diverse cohort of people, we proudly acknowledge the outstanding achievement of 24 accomplished women who have defied stereotype and carved a path in traditionally make dominated fields,” Maughn added.

Maughn went on to exhort the graduates to ensure they maintain their willingness to allow everyone to have equal opportunities in the workplace.

 “So, your female colleagues who are working with you must feel equal to you when it comes to the skills and what is expected of them to do in the field of work. I also want to charge you to be a voice of fearless, be it male or female. I also charge you to be ready to embrace opportunities,” stressed Maughn.

Regional Chairman, David Armogan also delivered brief remarks.

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