Guyanese artistes laud the Govt for promoting local artistes music, culture

The Ministry of Culture, Youths and Sports engaged Guyanese artiste that participated in the 2024 Mashramani Song competition to get feedback about the impact of the event and how it’s could be further improved, thereby enhancing and impacting the way Guyanese culture is portrayed to the world.

The meeting on Thursday at the National Cultural Centre saw the Minister of Culture, Youths and Sports, Charles Ramson Jr meeting with the artistes to review the event and plan the way forward.

Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Charles Ramson

“Out of this, you will do extremely well too because we have already discussed some future initiatives that will help to improve the sessions moving forward or the monarchs moving forward,” the minister underscored.

Meanwhile, the artistes that were present at the meeting said the event is a platform for budding and seasoned talents to gain recognition nationally and internationally.

Calvin Burnett, the reigning Soca Monarch with winning song ‘Handy Man’ deemed the competition as a launching pad for Guyanese artistes, noting that the government is commendable job in highlighting local talent.

Soca Monarch, Calvin Burnett

“This is like a launching pad. It is like a propeller behind the boat that we had… They are creating platforms that you as an artist can go on there, be seen, be heard, become like a household name so that when you decide to release your music, when you decide to push videos and all of this somebody can say oh I have seen him before or her before…they perform at this or that event and that is all through the ministry and the president so shout out to them for being the pad behind the pad that helps us go forward.”

The Soca Monarch further endorsed the stage, encouraging Guyanese to participate in the competition next year.

Guyanese Artist, Omaiah Hall

Another artiste, Gaby Melville, who goes by the stage name Gaby Luv, earned fourth placed in the newly introduced dancehall category with hit song ‘Mamacita’.

Melville praised the government for creating this platform for artiste to shoot to stardom stating, “Big shout out to the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport because they gave us an opportunity, a platform to do our craft and they doing a great, great job. I actually want to tell them thank you because without them we couldn’t showcase our talent out there.”

Calypso Monarch Osei Clark aka OKC

Additionally, the three-time Junior Champion, Osei Clark aka OKC, now Calypso Monarch, and second place holder in the Soca Category said the platform will help him to gain international recognition.

He said “I look at Trinidad and Tobago, I look at Barbados, when I look up these countries the first thing, I look at who is the monarch in the country and to know that I have that opportunity to stand out… It gives me exposure a major, major shout out to the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport for giving us this platform to present ourselves because without the Calypso Monarch stage, I couldn’t have become the champion. So, for me this is a step forward in my musical career.” 

Chutney Monarch, Vicadi Sing

Reigning Chutney Monarch, Vicadi Singh shared similar sentiments, while underscoring the government’s significant efforts and investments in assisting the country’s talents.

“I would like to say thank you so much to the Government of Guyana, our President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali and his Ministry’s along with the honourable Charles Ramson, these guys have been with us in sports and entertainment.

I have travelled to so many countries and I haven’t seen the efforts that those government’s put into their talents and for them to be doing that for our talents in our country it’s amazing,” he said. 0

Acknowledging that artists may complain time again, Omaiah Hall another musician emphasised that “we [artistes] can’t complain no more”, since the government is creating various platforms and opportunities for musicians and performers to advance their craft.

“We literally have the platforms to do this and do that and we have a minister that is interested in what we are doing, he listens. The fact that he is listening and he is taking note and is actually bringing these things forward is a big deal.  When it comes to shows, when it comes to radio time, they are pushing,” she said.  

Miss Hall highlighted that during the competition the ministry’s pop-up concerts significantly aid her journey. Noting that during this time she gained the most recognition and job opportunities.

“Prior to the monarchs, we had our pop-up concert and a lot of people got to meet me through those pop-up concerts but after those pop-up concerts. Omaiah has now been called, booked and busy for a lot of other events. Right after I performed at the CARICOM Heads events and I must say thank you to our ministry and our government for being able to put me on to such a stage seeing my light and seeing what I have to offer. And a lot of other artists as well. It is not just me like everybody is getting the recognition that they deserve and I love that,” the young artiste shared.

Additionally, Shemar Grey a new comer to the music industry said the initiative by the competition is a great way to gain recognition as a beginner.

“I must thank the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport because the initiative is important, dancehall is probably the most consumed genre of music  in Guyana and many other Caribbean countries  as well we got a lot of talent with the young artiste coming up and a competition like this would give them the visibility they need because especially if you are starting out nobody knows you, it is going to be a hard time for the music to get out there but with the platform provided, they provide marketing for you, air play on the radio so it is a fantastic opportunity.”

Meanwhile, the government has committed to sharing the performances of each participant to the ministry’s social media platforms to further highlight and promote their musical talent. 

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