No. 63 Village to benefit from a new recreational park

Residents of No. 63 Village, along the Corentyne Coast, Region Six will soon benefit from the construction of a recreational park near the beach.

In addition to enhancing Guyana’s aesthetics, the National Beautification Project increases people’s understanding and appreciation of the environment.

The area where the park will be constructed in No. 63 Village

First Lady Arya Ali, Regional Chairman, David Armogan, Regional Vice Chairman, Zamal Hussain and other officials inspected ongoing works in No. 63 Village where the park will be built.

Residents of Brothers and Lonsdale in Region Six, are the latest beneficiaries of recreational parks in their communities. 

First Lady Arya Ali and others in No. 63 Village

During the commissioning of the recreational park in Brothers on Thursday, First Lady Ali pointed out that recreational areas provide a sense of identity while promoting livelier and healthier communities.

She stated, “Apart from physical development, the skills acquired in playgrounds contribute immensely to a child’s social and psychological development… It also provides an opportunity for children to benefit from parental guidance …in these activities.

First Lady Arya Ali and others in No. 63 Village

First Lady Ali also encouraged the residents to continue playing a meaningful role in the country’s development.

“I take this opportunity to encourage you all to continue to play a meaningful role in our country’s development. Guyana’s success story cannot be written without you, the people, because you are the most important stakeholders. So let us continue to work together as we seek to build our One Guyana,” the first lady stressed.

Recreational parks are equipped with play areas, walkways, pavilions, washroom facilities and lights, among other amenities.

Meanwhile, the First Lady and other regional officials also inspected the Business Centre for Persons with Disabilities in Palmyra, Region Six.

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