President Ali inspects ongoing works on Ogle, Buzz Bee Dam highways

President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali inspected the ongoing works at the Ogle-Eccles four-lane Highway on Thursday.

He expressed satisfaction at the progress of the construction, noting that these works are moving ahead of schedule.

“This is one of the two projects we have ahead of time, we hope to complete it by November,” the president said.

Ongoing works on the Ogle-Eccles four-lane Highway

The four-lane road is being built from the intersection of the Ogle Airstrip Road and the Rupert Craig Highway on the East Coast of Demerara, heading towards Haags Bosch in Eccles, on the East Bank of Demerara.

Ongoing works on the Ogle-Eccles four-lane Highway

In June of 2022, the government inked a $21.2 billion (US$106.4 million) contract with an Indian company – Ashoka Buildcon Limited – to begin the first phase of the highly anticipated road network.

Once completed, it is expected to expand interconnectivity between the East Coast and the East Bank of Demerara, significantly easing traffic congestion.

The 7.8-kilometre four-lane highway will be constructed with sidewalks and a median, while each lane will be built 3.6 metres wide.

The president was accompanied by the Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill, the Head of the ministry’s Work Services Group (WSG), Ron Rahaman, another technical officer, and the contractors during his visit.

Meanwhile, on Friday morning the head of state also inspected ongoing works on the Diamond to Buzz Bee Dam four-lane highway.

The president also paid observed ongoing works on the Diamond to Buzz Bee Dam four-lane highway on Friday morning

Contracts for this project were awarded in November 2023, to $11 billion. The highway, executed through the Ministry of Housing and Water, will be an asphalted concrete structure. Divided into 12 lots, the project sees the construction of more than 30 reinforced concrete bridges, 4.6 kilometres of reinforced concrete highway pavement, and two roundabouts for improved traffic management.

Ongoing works on the Diamond to Buzz Bee Dam four-lane highway

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