12 families receive water tanks in Ingratitute Settlement, Region Three

Twelve residents of Ingratitute Settlement, West Bank Demerara, Region Three now have improved access to a consistent supply of clean and safe water, following the distribution of a water tank to each family from Guyana Water Incorporation (GWI).  

The residents will be able to store water, eliminating the need for them to purchase water or rely entirely on rainfall, rivers and canals for water.  The water tank can store 450 gallons of water.

Minister Croal and the residents

The distribution which was led by Minister Croal and Regional Manager Aggrey Anderson on Friday afternoon, is a commitment made by the minister to the residents during an engagement on Tuesday.

During the meeting, it was decided that 52 families there would receive water from GWI.

When the water distribution process began, it was discovered that the twelve families lacked sufficient water storage, thus it was decided to provide tanks to them.

Minister Croal interacting with the residents

Water distribution commenced on Wednesday in the community.

Speaking briefly, Minister Croal highlighted that the ministry will consider whether to drill a well to sufficiently service the area.

Residents were told that moving ahead, they will be notified of the water delivery schedule for the community.  

One of the beneficiaries, Sasenarine Kanhai, expressed his gratitude to the government for providing the much-needed support to his family.

Resident, Sasenarine Kanhai

“…Residents were struggling to access potable water for the last six months…I thank him [Minister Croal] for his efforts and response to delivering to the people of this area,” Kanhai said.

Another resident, Amanda Williams said, “I must say that I am very thankful for what the minister has done for us.”

Resident, Jermaine McForth also shared similar sentiments for the government’s prompt response to distribute the tanks.

Distribution of black tanks

Meanwhile, Minister Croal also inspected the current construction site at Sixth Southern Cross Street, Samaroo Dam, Pouderoyen, where a reinforced concrete pavement measuring 131 metres in length and 1.52 metres in width is being built.

The Samaroo Dam Project is being executed by Puran Brothers Disposal Inc. at a cost of $16,645,650.

Already, 60 per cent of the overall project is completed.

He further committed to the residents that the walkway which is in close proximity will be upgraded.

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