$3.5M community centre commissioned in Mabaruma Settlement

A spanking new $3.5 million community centre was commissioned in Mabaruma Settlement, Region One on Saturday morning.

The centre will be utilised to host meetings and other activities, benefitting some 5,000 residents.

Minister of Local Government and Regional Development Sonia Parag

With this new building, the Community Development Council (CDC) along with the residents will no longer have to host their meetings in the ballfield or elsewhere.

The commissioning ceremony was spearheaded by Minister of Housing and Water Collin Croal, Minister of Local Government and Regional Development Sonia Parag, Regional Chairman Brentnol Ashley, Mayor of Mabaruma Trevi Leung, Regional Executive Officer (REO) of Region One⁰0 Mr Sewchand and other officials.

The ribbon being cut to open the $3.5M new community center on Saturday morning at Mabaruma, Region One

The building was constructed in three phases which saw the injection of $1 million for the first phase, $1.5 million for the second phase and $1 million for the last phase.

Delivering brief remarks, Minister Parag said that the community centre will enhance the social well being of the residents, as the government is committed to developing the livelihood of every Guyanese.

She continued by saying, “We are happy to have this because the government is not only committed to making sure that we empower people economically but also socially… I know that it [centre] will bring much joy to every resident here.”

Many community centres in the hinterland regions and rural areas are being utilised as a hub where young people are advancing their skillets, Minister Parag said.

She also expressed satisfaction with the ongoing developments in the region.

“We are very happy to be here at a moment when, in the next two days, so much we will be unveiling from the government’s developmental projects…,” Minister Parag told the residents.

Meanwhile, Leung expressed gratitude for the centre and further emphasised that everyone will benefit from it.

During a walkabout in Kumaka Market, in Mabaruma Saturday morning, Ministers Croal and Parag along with other officials interacted with the vendors and consumers.

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