$44.1M farm-to-market road commissioned in Region One

Over 300 residents of Arukamai, in the Mabaruma sub-district, Region One, now  access to improve accessibility, following the commissioning of a $44.1 million farm to market road in the area, Saturday afternoon.

This new infrastructure has slashed travel to less than one hour, easing the longstanding challenges residents faced when relying on boats for transportation.

Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal

The new 10-kilometer gravel surface road network, constructed by Supreme Contracting Services, will offer significant relief to students, farmers transporting produce, and loggers alike.

It connects Arukamai other villages including Wauna, Kamwatta and White Water to Kumaka market.

Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal and Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Sonia Parag attended the commissioning ceremony, at the  Arukamai’s community centre ground.

The residents welcomed this new development in their community, as they have been waiting years for this much needed road network .

One of the residents, Evelyn Williams expressed her elation for the roadwork as it was difficult to traverse by boats.

“…Now, we have a road and after that, we will get a bus which was committed. We are looking forward to that,” she added.

Another resident, Wilford Betinne noted the significant improvement in land transportation within the community. He said, “We are thankful for it. It was very hard to get children to school and we struggled for transportation. When we traveled by boat, we struggled a lot for gas too.”

Vice Toshao of Arukamai, Pamela Joseph also expressed her satisfaction, noting, “I am very happy with the opening of our new road. It is a blessing to our school children. The ambulance reached our home to take my daughter in law to the hospital.”

She added, “The road was very bad. It was just a little track where my children had to travel…”

During brief remarks, Minister Croal highlighted that the initiative is a continuation of the government’s unwavering commitment to transform the lives Guyanese across Guyana.

“This road will bring many relief to you who have traversed all those years using the waterways…It [the road] therefore allows you to have your children taken to school in a timely manner. It therefore allows your produce to be taken to Kumaka,” Minister Croal relayed.

He made reference to the ongoing works on a concrete road which is in close proximity to the airstrip in Mabaruma. The first phase of this road will be completed mid-April.

The region will also benefit from the construction of houses under the Hinterland Housing Programme, road upgrades, and drilling of wells, among other developments.

Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Sonia Parag

Arukamai will benefit from the drilling of a well within the third quarter of this year, Minister Croal reported.

Meanwhile, Minister Parag also underscored that the government will continue to ensure that the residents in the hinterland regions benefit from equitable access to resources and programmes to aid in their development.

This undertaking forms part of the government’s overarching agenda to transform all communities through a slew of initiatives.

The ministers were joined by Regional Chairman, Brentnol Ashley, Regional Vice Chairperson, Annasha Peters, Regional Executive Officer (REO) of Region One, Mr Sewchand, GWI’s Hinterland Services Director, Ramchand Jailal, Toshao Christopher Mareno and others.

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