Construction surveys completed for US$75.8M Good Success to Timehri road project

The construction surveys for the US$75.8 million Good Success to Timehri, East Bank Demerara road project have been completed.

The inspection exercise, conducted by the Ministry of Public Works’ surveying team, involved assessing over 60 structures to determine their condition and whether they can be widened or must be demolished and reconstructed.

PSA on survey exercise by the Ministry of Public Works

The surveying team consisted of approximately six personnel. The exercise commenced on March 9 and was completed on March 12.

Currently, the findings of the survey are under review to determine the way forward.

The design and construction of the multi-million-dollar project are being undertaken by China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC).

The project received substantial funding to the tune of US$117 million from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

It will be supervised by a United States of America (USA) consulting company, Sheladia Associates Incorporated.

The company has an exemplary track record in the field of structures and facilities, transportation infrastructure, energy, rural development and water resources and sanitation.

The project entails the rehabilitation of 23 kilometers , including the restoration of ancillary roads, bridges, and culverts.

Safety features, such as lanes for pedestrians and cyclists, concrete drains, installation of LED street lights, thermoplastic road markings, and traffic signs will also be implemented.

The duration of the project is three years.

Shot of East Bank public road

It is being executed under the IDB’s programme to support climate-resilient road infrastructure development aimed at improving road service quality and utility service.

The government has made significant investments to provide commuters with an alternate bypass to relieve traffic flow during the onset of construction works.

Additionally, the East Bank corridor will be upgraded to two additional lanes, providing much-needed access to hundreds of thousands of Guyanese and tourists daily.

Once completed, the EBD road project will be directly connected to the new Wismar Bridge, Linden to Mabura road, and the 45 concrete bridges between Mabura to Lethem, providing commuters with a steady flow of connectivity and access.

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