International stadium lights tested at MacKenzie Sports Ground

In a bid to transform the MacKenzie Sports Club ground in Linden, Region Ten into a multi-purpose stadium for football and cricket, International Standard stadium lights were tested on Monday.

During the testing trial, Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Charles Ramson Jr revealed that the lights can be controlled remotely, maximizing energy efficiency, while minimizing operational costs.

Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Charles Ramson at the McKenzie Sports facility

The lighting will significantly assist players to perform at their peak, reducing the risk of injuries and enhancing their performance.

Minister Ramson also took the opportunity to address the misinformation being peddled by the opposition on the transformation of the ground to meet the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) standard.

He noted the facility was a premium facility despite the history that fuelled its birth. 

However, Minister Ramson said that under the leadership of APNU+AFC, it would have languished in stagnation.

“Look at the comparison of what was before and what the struggle was about to keep. That is what is baffling to me still,” the Minister said.

He continued, “I think if they were the people who were entrusted with the leadership, the position would have been the same. The state of the facility would remain the same and there will be no reason to remain optimistic that it will change …that’s the reality of this facility.”

Mckenzie Sport Ground, Linden

The project, which aims to revolutionise sports in the region, is being undertaken in a phased manner.

Thus far, the scope of work has seen the completion of the upgrade of the plain surface, installation of underground pipes, flood drainage catchment basin, and herringbone perforated pipes.

The next phase of work will involve the construction of stands and players’ pavilions.

These additions are crucial in enhancing the spectator experience and providing essential facilities for athletes.

Upon completion, the ground is expected to host practice matches and warm-up sessions during ICC-hosted games in Guyana and the Caribbean.

The new stadium being constructed at MacKenzie will complement the $179 million synthetic track being laid at the Bayroc Community Centre ground in Wismar.

Meanwhile, the government has shown unwavering support for sports development, earmarking millions of dollars for the enhancement of sports grounds across the country.

This investment not only revitalizes sports infrastructure but also creates opportunities for youths to engage in meaningful activities and pursue their sporting passions.

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