CANU, GPF destroyed marijuana weighing three metric tons

The Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) and Guyana Police Force (GPF) destroyed a total of three metric tons of marijuana early Saturday morning on Homestretch Avenue, Georgetown.

Overseeing the destruction of the narcotics was Minister of Home Affairs, Robeson Benn, who shared that the significant number of drugs have a street value of some $2.5 billion.

The minister explained that the Ministry of Home Affairs in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture will be working with the perpetrators to have them go into agriculture and to pursue the legal route.

Minister of Home Affairs, Robeson Benn interacting with Head of the GPF Narcotics Branch, Deputy Superintendent Troy Whittaker at eradication exercise, Saturday.

“We [government] wish that these persons will go into legal agriculture. We are talking to both the Police and CANU, in respect of the efforts that we make towards having along with the Ministry of Agriculture to bring about a diversion of change in their activities in terms of agriculture.

So, there is a hope that we can get them to grow cabbages and other high-value crops which can come into normal, legal commerce. So that is something we are looking at which will benefit every person in the country positively,” the minister emphasised.

The illegal drugs were seized in Regions Five, Six and various parts of Linden, Region Ten.

Narcotics seized by CANU and the Guyana Police Force to be destroyed

The cases underwent trial and were resolved in the courts. The period of the drug seizures is from January 2023 to date.

Additionally, the Head of the GPF Narcotics Branch, Deputy Superintendent Troy Whittaker shared that despite the challenges, the GPF will continue to valiantly fight against drug trafficking through ramped-up raids and eradication.

However, with this drug bust, the narcotic trade has been affected tremendously.

“We are fighting the narcotics trade. It is not easy but we are fighting and with every seizure that we make we put a dent in that person. The business because they invest money and they cannot get an income out of that,” Deputy Superintendent Whittaker said.

Illicit drugs being destroyed by CANU and the Guyana Police Force

Similarly, the Deputy Director of CANU, Rayon Samuels related that CANU will also play their part in the eradication of drug trafficking to make the country a better place, especially for youths.

Samuels emphasised that CANU has been conducting education drives countrywide especially at schools to nip the effects and manufacturing of illicit drugs in the bud.

Aside from educational drives, the unit has been working along with its sister agencies and local and foreign counterparts to aid against the drug fight.

He also said, “We are looking to invest heavily in our officers promote in the areas of training and we will continue to go into the communities and work closer with our citizens for this fight.”

The destruction of narcotics is a regular exercise undertaken by CANU and the police force.

Director of CANU, James Singh, along with other members of the GPF and CANU were present.

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