$33.4M road commissioned in Arrowansa will unlock new economic opportunities

The new $33.4 million road which was commissioned in the satellite community of Arrowansa, located in Manawarin, Moruca sub-region, Region One, will significantly decrease travel time as well as unlock new economic opportunities for residents there.

Before the thoroughfare was constructed, residents who utilise the waterways for travel took more than two hours to get to their destination.

The new $33.4 million road commissioned in Arrowansa

Students, commuters and those farmers transporting produce to Santa Rosa and other areas no longer have to worry about travelling for long periods.

The project’s scope of work included clearing and grubbing of vegetation, construction of drains, grading, shaping, and compacting of the road.

The 9.5 kilometres by 6.1 metres road was commissioned by Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal, Regional Chairman, Brentnol Ashley along with other regional officials on Saturday.  

Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal commissioned new road in Arrowansa, Region One

Minister Croal stated that the opening of the road is yet another fulfilment of the government’s commitment. 

“That means, therefore, that we can also have delivery of service as well as produce or goods coming to your community and it will be done now at a reduced cost. Because we have cut out that bottleneck on the logistics,” the housing and water minister told the residents.

Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal

Arrowansa has also seen increased access to services to uplift residents’ standard of living.

Minister Croal outlined other developments on the cards for the Moruca sub-region ranging from health to educational infrastructure and services.

For road infrastructure, one kilometre of concrete road work is being undertaken at the landing in Kwebanna.

“We will work hard every day to ensure that the resources that are being provided in our budget reach you as quickly as possible and that you get the best attention and care that you deserve,” affirmed Minister Croal.

Residents at the commissioning ceremony for the new road in Arrowansa in Region One

Meanwhile, Toshao of Manawarin, Samuel Miguel welcomed the new development and expressed his satisfaction with improved access to infrastructure and other services.

“And we are very pleased for what they are doing for us here in Manawarin village,” Toshao Miguel said.

Toshao of Manawarin, Samuel Miguel

As part of the Easter season, Minister Croal also distributed kites to the children in the community.

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