Guyana safe for investment

EU Ambassador

During the organisation of the first trade mission, the European Union (EU) Ambassador to Guyana, René vas Nes shared that investors who were interested in capitalising on the many opportunities in Guyana had expressed concerns regarding the safety of the country.

In 2023, an array of European companies travelled to Guyana as part of the inaugural EU Global Gateway Economic Mission, to explore possible business endeavours.

EU Ambassador to Guyana Rene van Nes addressing the opening of the Regional Security System (RSS) Council of Ministers’ Meeting

“Safety and security are obviously key considerations in making investment decisions and thanks to your dedication and professionalism, we can answer that question positively,” he expressed during the opening of the high-level Regional Security System (RSS) Council of Ministers’ Meeting Friday last, emphasizing the link between economic and social development and security.

The government has embarked on a strategic mission to enhance safety and security as it seeks to attract foreign direct investment from multinational corporations to boost Guyana’s economy and increase innovation.

Billions of dollars have been invested yearly to bolster the capabilities of the Guyana Police Force (GPF), Guyana Service (GFS) and Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) among other integrated agencies.

Meanwhile, the EU Ambassador told the gathering, consisting of security ministers, military and police chiefs from member states, and other international partners, of the EU’s continued support to the RSS, including Guyana, in bolstering law enforcement.

“It’s a constant battle e.g., organised crime who are purchasing the newest technology and law enforcement trying to stay ahead of them … what is happening here in the Caribbean region has an impact on the region at large and has an impact on Europe … and therefore it can’t be a surprise that [the] European Union is a proud supporter of the RSS,” Ambassador vas Nes stated.

These include EL PAcCTO (Europe Latin America Programme of Assistance against Transnational Organised Crime) – initially a programme for Latin America and is now being rolled out to the Caribbean region.

“In Latin America, it was a highly successful programme and I have no doubt that the roll out to the Caribbean will be as successful,” he noted.

Other programmes include the Latin America Caribbean Cyber Competency Center, Global Illicit Glows Programme and the Latin American and European Union concerning Drug Policies (COPOLAD).

“Organised crime, drugs, cybercrime, all these undermine the very foundation of societies and indeed the core principles of the EU human rights democracy and the rule of law.

The EU is therefore committed to pursue these values, increase cooperation with our member states through its support to the RSS and to our wider security-related programmes,” the ambassador underscored.

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